A soothing blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, patchouli, and raspberry that relaxes the mind & body, with a hint of sweetness to pamper your senses. Essential oils: Eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, orange, lemon, bergamot, lavender, and patchouli

An exotic citrus blend of pink grapefruit, pomegranate, and lime deliver delightful aromas that uplift and indulge the senses. Essential oils: Orange, grapefruit, basil

Breezy green blend of lime and mint awaken the senses to cool, clean, and refreshing aromas. Essential oils: Blended mints

Combines orange spice, fir, balsam and earthly smokiness. Captures the warm scents of the log homes in Sun Valley.

A very familiar scent of coniferous trees in the high country.

A walk through the forest on a crisp winter morning.  Balsam aroma everywhere!

Fresh notes of orange, grapefruit on a sweet vanilla and rich woody bottom.

A spirited blend of green apples, tangy oranges, and a dash of sensual mystery.

Combines notes of lemongrass, lime, white grapefruit, bergamot and black currant with hints of green tea, lavender, patchouli and sugarcane.

Spirited and uplifting green floral with top notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon and basil.

Dark roastred coffee beans with a hint of chocolate.