About Sun Valley Candles

Our Mission: Sun Valley Candles is committed to producing high quality eco-friendly and sustainable products that promote healthy living and well-being for humans and the environment. 

 At Sun Valley Candles we believe that not all candles are created equal. That’s why we insist on using Eco-friendly 100% bio degradable products in the manufacturing of our specialty hand poured soy candles.

Located in the Sun Valley area, we started developing a natural soy candle as a healthy and eco-friendly product in 2011. Testing our local area markets allowed us the opportunity to refine and develop into an award-winning sustainable product.

Sun Valley Candles are made of soy wax a renewable resource, 100% vegetable by product, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic with 95% less soot than paraffin or gel based wax. We never add dyes or artificial colorants in our products.

Each of our scents is hand- blended and hand-poured to ensure quality in our products.

Sun Valley Candles uses recycled and recyclable materials promoting a greener earth for our future:

* 100% all- cotton wick

*Clear 8 oz. glass jar

* All aluminum lids

* Packaging and labels are made from recycled materials and purchased in the USA

Sun Valley Candles. is an award winning sustainable product voted 1st Place by Habitat Magazine 2013. We are proud to provide an eco-friendly and healthy product to our clientele.